Take the Devotional Journey Home With 
a Special Handwritten Devotion & Every Minute Miracles
Take the 5 Day Devotional Journey Home with You to Family, Friends, and Loved Ones
  • A Personal Hand-written Devotional: Choose a topic that you'd like to focus some time in prayer on and I'll put together a handwritten devotional for you that you can share with your family, friends, and loved ones
  • Worship Music for the Journey: Many of the songs you heard throughout the past 5 days were from my album "Every Minute Miracles", so I'll sign a copy with a quick prayer and send it your way.
  • Hope: To remind you of this journey that we've started together, I've set aside bracelets that read "There Is Hope" for the times when we all need a little reminder to trust in the hope Jesus brings into the darkness of our lives
Love the bracelets and all you do... They have touched lives in ways other than just recovery. As those in nursing homes have loved them as well. Those that might need hope in older age. Those that have been in the hospital. Those that are going through a difficult time and need to be reminded to look to God. There is Hope in Him.
-Carol, New York.
The There Is Hope message was needed today. I have looked at it many times over the course of the day. Thank you for this reminder that I have my faith in God to guide me through this and that I have my church fellowship there to reach out to for support. There is Hope!
-Michelle, Connecticut


Taking an experience of community, worship, and devotion to friends and family can be tough

It's sometimes hard to put into words what we experience and how we've felt God change our hearts.

And it's even harder to put into practice. That's what these 5 days of prayer have been all about.

But we can't stop now. We're just getting started!

So I've put together a few things to remind you of the 5 days we've just spent together focusing on prayer and the journey that we're just starting.

It's my hope that...

You can take this handwritten devotion and share it with your family.... 

Maybe it's just a simple a daily prayer before dinner...

Or maybe you share it with a friend over coffee once a week...

However you decide to pray, I hope that this devotional, music, and bracelet help you make prayer a regular part of your life.

I'll be with you as our journey continues!

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